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Break free from your own shackles

To build productive habits, sometimes all you have to do is stop undermining yourself and get out of your own way. Self-sabotage might be blatant at times, such as when you refuse to move on with tasks. It can also appear as perfectionism, in which you are never happy with the end result and hence never produce your finest work.

You may be prone to blaming, complaining, and pointing fingers at everyone and everything except yourself when it comes to why you can’t be more productive.

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When you can’t point the finger at someone else, you may resort to making excuses, urgently looking for an explanation that would make you feel better because “you have no control over what happens.”

How many justifications do you have and utilize every day? “I couldn’t do it because…” or “I don’t have time to do it because…” Your justifications may be reasonable, but in the end, they’re just slowing you down; it’s a form of avoidance that we employ instinctively when we don’t feel capable of accomplishing the duties at hand.

Procrastination is a prime example of putting yourself in your own way. If you don’t deal with it now, it will be there the next time you try to accomplish whatever it is you’re putting off.

If you truly want to improve your productivity, prioritize results before comfort. Finding your concentration may be challenging at first, but as you get out of your own way and stop creating excuses, you’ll notice that life becomes easier in general.

Adjust the Suit to Your Body’s Measurements

Because time management aids productivity, it’s a crucial skill to master if you want to learn how to be more productive. Most individuals underestimate the fact that time management is not a one-size-fits-all ability, and what works for you may not work for your coworker or best friend.

You must tailor the advise supplied from a meta perspective to your individual scenario.

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Consider the following scenario when shopping for clothes:

The suit may not always fit properly, and you will need to make changes and tweaks until it does. The same may be said for time management and increasing productivity. You must tailor what you read to your own requirements.

Instead of throwing in the towel if some advice and approaches don’t work for you, find a way to tweak them to fit your needs. Perhaps time blocking isn’t appropriate for your profession, but can you set a timer and work on anything for a certain length of time?

Adjust as needed to get the optimum method of time management.

Use a Different Tone of Voice When Speaking to Yourself

Individuals who are very productive think in a significantly different way than those who are less productive. You must question your assumptions and cultivate a positive mindset. A productive individual avoids worrying about all the things he or she won’t be able to do because of X or Y.

They consider instead:

  • This is what I need to accomplish. What is the most efficient method for me to complete all of my tasks?
  • What is creating the stress, and what has to change in order for me to better handle this situation?
  • Given the current circumstances, what can I do to improve this?

The words and phrases you employ either empower you or make you feel more agitated. If you’re not sure where to begin, start with positive affirmations.

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The words you choose to communicate to yourself are crucial in all aspects of life because they will serve as your guide, whether you like it or not. When your words lift you up instead of tearing you down, being more productive becomes much easier.

Block Everything

We all have time thieves, but most of us haven’t figured out who they are yet. It may be the apps on our phones that we swipe through for some of us. Others may have a terrible habit of checking email frequently or spending more time taking breaks than actually working during our peak productivity hours.

You will improve your results much more rapidly and learn how to be productive on a daily basis if you can identify your biggest time thieves, the activities or situations that throw you off course, distract or interrupt you, or the negative habits that prohibit you from performing better.

If you research and try other strategies while ignoring your present problem, your efforts will be in vain. Time thieves must be eliminated in order to stay focused in the long run, according to productive people.

If all you want to do is change one of your worst time management behaviors, your outcomes will improve quickly. Once you feel the pleasure of your efforts and see the clear connection between what you do and what your reality is, it will most likely give you the push to change what else isn’t working.

woman on the phone procrastinating in nature

Consider what one thing you could change right now that would have the most impact on your productivity. Write this down, consider what causes or contributes to it, and consider what your next steps will be.

Final Thoughts

If you truly want to be productive, don’t forget to prioritize outcomes over comfort when learning how to be productive. The majority of people quit up before realizing that they can achieve their goals, reach their objectives, and change their lives. To get yourself started in the right direction and learn how to be more productive, try the four small modifications listed above.