End User Licence Agreement

Updated on March 2023

We advice that you read the following licence agreement with caution. This agreement is covering all software products and all online content and services provided by Kustom Tab.

With installing any of our extensions or apps it will automatically be launched every time the user starts their device. By adding our software products, extensions or apps, the user agrees to our terms of use.

Acceptance of Terms

This agreement gives you the right to user our website, apps and services. The products may not be used if the user is not of legal age. Any person that uses our website must agree to this Agreement and the privacy policy and is legal binding between the user and our website.

With downloading our software products, extensions or apps the user agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement and the privacy policy incorporated by the reference.


This agreement is a legal binding document between the final user and kustomtab.com and their close business partners and subsidiary companies (hereinafter refereed as “us” or “we” or “our”). When the user chooses to instal one of our products, apps or services, the user (hereinafter refereed to as “you” or “the user”):

  • Agrees to be bound by the terms of this EULA
  • Is the official user of the device
  • Shall use this product for personal use. For commercial use and if you wish to distribute it to others, you have to get permission from Kustom Tab. In other case, you may not distribute, print or transfer information regarding the software product, app or extension
  • Cannot modify any of the tools within the extension
  • Reverse engineer or decompile any of our software product, app or extension
  • This agreement can be terminated at any time by the owner of the software product

Any violation of the above mentioned will result in the termination of the contract. Kustom Tab may seek any criminal or civil (or other) remedies with the termination.

Personal Information

Our product collects IP dresses in order to enable proper geographical localisation for the product itself (weather and location) and Kustom Tab does not use the IP dresses for any other purpose. No personal information is not being collected.

Aggregate and non-personally identifiable information on the user activity may be shared with unaffiliated third parties only for the purpose listed below:

  • documenting activity
  • To better understand customers and market trends through analytics

Limitation of Liability

Kustom Tab shall not be responsible or be involved in any sort of production, creation or delivery of our tools or any indirect damages such as business profits, loss of data or other loss incurred by the user or any similar damaging activity done and initiated by the user and done with our installed software, even if informed about possible damages in advance. The entire risk and the result and performance of the tool is borne by the user.


This Software product belongs to Kustom Tab and is protected by international laws on trademarks and intellectual property. The use of the logo and the name in other posts, tools, extensions, and similar without the approval of Kustom Tab is strictly forbidden. The tools, documentation, appearance and its code and structure is an exclusive product of Kustom Tab which has all intellectual property rights over the product.

This Agreement will be governed in accordance to the laws of Montenegro. All proceedings will be presented to the Montenegrin Court located in Podgorica, to the exclusion of other courts or jurisdictions outside Montenegro.


Being our users you may deal with partner websites and your participation regarding their promotions are between such partners only, therefore you may be subject to some terms and conditions which are determined by them (ie. third parties). Be advised that by installing our extension you agree to such terms and if you do not accept the terms mentioned you may remove our extension from your browser by uninstalling it.


You may uninstall this product at any point and the EULA will be terminated immediately.